Christmas Meals for Children

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Christmas Meals for Children

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Christmas is a holiday for the entire family, no matter the generation. This means even the food prepared on Christmas are to be served the whole family. You do not have to prepare a special meal for a certain generation, even for the kids. In most Christmas, the traditional food served such as glazed ham, roast turkey, vegetables, seafood and summer salads can be kids friendly.

Why prepare a traditional Christmas feast?

The strong flavors in normal Christmas foods can be so helpful for the young tummies. Changing the food to suit all the family members means fewer jobs for dad and mum or for the person who is preparing the Christmas meal. It will also suit the little ones since they will not miss the perfect suitable food. The modifications will also offer a meal that will make you cheerful and ready to have more, rather than feeling sleepy and inactive when you are through. However, the main reason of going kid friendly is to encourage togetherness and also to encourage toddlers to try new types of foods.

One: Limit the salt

The first step is to minimize the salt added when cooking. You can use herbs or onions which is a healthy alternative rather than adding salt when flavoring turkey or meat. You can also use glaze or no- added sugar jams on the meat.

Two: Keep it lean

Kids do not like fatty bits usually found in meat. Therefore if you are serving red meat, prefer a lean cut. Remove the skin of the turkey or the chicken.

When cutting chicken or turkey, make them bite-sized pieces so that the little kids can be able swallow. Large pieces will be hard to chew for the little ones. To make it more delicious for the kids, you may blend the chicken or turkey with vegies and add water to have a soft texture. You can also add simple yoghurt to bring an extra flavour as well.

Three: Seafood to eat

When you cook seafood such as prawns and calamari, it is good for the kids. It will also provide good protein. Historically, we have been told that kids under twelve months should avoid shellfish due to allergies. However, many health experts have confirmed that the foods are okay and healthier for kids for are over six months.

Choose tiny fish for children since longer living predatory fish mercury levels tend to be high. Fish such as sea perch or shark should be avoided in the diet of small kids. If they are served, they should be few and no other fish should be served that fortnight. Common fish with low mercury include ocean trout, rainbow trout, kingfish, whiting and flathead. You can also choose canned salmon and tuna; they are also best low mercury choices for children.

Four: The good oil

When cooking food for children, canola or olive oil is the best choice. It is advisable to use a bit of canola or olive oil. It is also better to use a bit of spray oil with non-stick pan.

Five: Observe alcohol

You need to observe alcohol because it vanishes with no heat and some can even burn off when you are cooking. To determine how much booze stays in the dish will depend on the method of cooking used. If you are not sure, do not serve meals cooked with alcohol to children.

Rum balls and rum soaked fruitcakes will have to become bricks if the alcohol they have was to evaporate completely. This means there are not good for kids.

For a good advice, do not let kids to take food not-cooked that have alcohol that include brandy custard, brandy butter or even Cointreau soaked dried fruit. All these foods will retain alcohol.

One cup of any wine is good, however, it will not leave a meaningfully alcohol residue but will provide a rich flavor.

Six: Veg out

Most kids select vegetables than salads. Be careful of blanched vegetables as they might pose a choking threat for children. To make the vegetables soft, you might have to cook them a little longer

Seven: Get saucy

Tomato sauce is a great choice for kids and even better if the salt is minimal. When it is mixed with low-fat mayonnaise, it gives a great sauce of cocktail for foods such as seafood.

Gravy from drippings may not be a healthy choice for anyone, neither adults nor kids because it contains fat and in salt. You can use mild mustard or cranberry instead.

Eight: Nibble know-how

Chips, nuts and creamy dips are not good since they are high in salt and fat. Also, kids are likely like them a lot. Prefer fruits, vegetable with low fat dips. You can also choose salsa, reduced fat cheese, gherkins or popcorn cooked at home. Trays of chopped fruit are children friendly and can also be refreshing. When you cut fruit into Christmas shapes, you add mood to the kids and encourage them to eat it. For example, you can cut pineapple into a Christmas tree or watermelon into shining stars.

Christmas is here and treat are high in demand. It is therefore important not let the little ones overdose on sweets and chocolate that you give them. Kids have a very weak appetite and change very fast if they are served meals high in salt, sugar or even fat. This will fat-track palate buds and they will be addicted to bad foods.

To make it different, prefer gingerbread cookies. You can make them into Christmas shapes. When they are not hot, make a hole and hang them on the Christmas tree. It will be very nice for the kids since they have salt, sugar and fat.

Here is what you should not serve little ones during Christmas.

Let them avoid meals that are not cooked but contain alcohol. These are brandy butter, rum balls and brandy custard. You should also avoid giving the kids crisps, soft drinks, popcorn, raw carrots and fish with bones.

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