Periods Menu for woman

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Periods Menu for woman

Periods 2There’s hardly any woman who has never experienced the turmoil and ordeals of those special days and as a result we feel exhausted, irritable, bloated and down to mouth. And although at this time of a month we are more prone to gulping a pack of chips to stay away from such snacks is vital just in general to say nothing of the periods time. Below there’s a list of foods that will help you make the bleeding days more manageable (just check the variety, a nice expansion of the trail mix option, isn’t it?).

1. Complex Carbonates

You can find these in fruits, vegetables, whole foods – just include all these products to you cycle menu and watch your sugar cravings alleviated due to sugar from fruits (plums, apricots, cucumbers, artichokes, oranges, pears, carrots and corns are especially good at this.)

2. Foods Reach for Calcium

Latham Thomas, a certified holistic health counselor and nutritionist claims that a woman needs 1,200 mg of calcium daily. Find this vital element in collard greens, broccoli, kale, cereals, soy beverage, tofu, molasses, cheese and yogurt.

3. Dark Chocolate

Just do not try to resist a bar of dark chocolate once you see it and have an urge to grab. Saying dark chocolate we mean a bar with 60 percent or higher of cacao bean. If you have a piece of this treat every day during your cycle days will help alleviate cravings and besides chocolate is reach for antioxidants and this sweet is also able to boost serotonin level and that is the key to a higher mood.

4. Include Magnesium-Rich Foods into your period’s time menu.

It can be found in green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, tofu, beans. Magnesium will help reduce bloating.

5. Drink Plenty of Water.

Drinking water will help your body release water retention and soothe bloating. The point is that our body keeps water for itself just because it does not get enough of it. So once you drink plenty water your body does not have to retain it.

6. Consume Vitamins

Include vitamins-rich products to your daily treats. Get vitamin E help you eliminate PMS symptoms – find it in avocado, sunflower oil and hemp seeds. B6 (get it from potatoes, bananas and oatmeal) will help you alleviate bloating and will raise your mood. Vitamin C (lemons, grapefruits, walnuts) and zinc (squashes and pumpkin seeds) support a woman’s reproductive system.

Do please try not to eat too much salt otherwise bloating will be too atrocious, as salt retains water.

Hopefully the tips will help you experience a more pleasant periods time and allow you enjoy your feminine help.

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