A Few Facts on Vitamin D

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A Few Facts on Vitamin D

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According to researches vitamin D deficiency has been linked with such health issues as an increased risk for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis MS and lupus that are referred to autoimmune diseases.

Studies show that about 1 billion people in the world get less vitamin D than needed for a healthy being. It was found out that 70 percent of children and grown-ups do not get enough vitamin D. The cause of the deficiency lies both in the fact they do not get enough of sunrays and do not get needed quantity of the element from the food they consume. Besides, if a person takes a medical drug such as hydro xychloroquine (Plaquenil) and corticosteroids – these are generally taken in cases of rheumatoid arthritis – as well as some other medical drugs, that mean these meds are likely to considerably shorten you from vitamin D.

Pass a blood test so that your doctor could find out the level of vitamin D in your body. The simplest and most common test – 25-hydroxy vitamin D test. Now that you know you’re vitamin D deficient (or simply for preventive measures’ sake), include oily fish (what would you say to a fair lump of salmon? Or mackarel? Maybe tuna?), mushrooms, egg yolks to provide you with the sustaining element. Also such vitamin D-enriched foods as cereal and milk will be a good support.

Doctors claim that if a person takes 15 minutes of sunbathing, he’s provided with 20,000 IUs of vitamin D. But do not overdo with it and do not forget to apply sunscreen, as a prolonged sun exposure can damage your skin and add to the chances of getting skin cancer.

Apart of being the crucial of the calcium and phosphate absorption process, vitamin D helps remain optimistic and stand depression. Having enough of this element will guarantee you’re safe from osteoporosis (especially a threat for people with RA).

Rheumatoid arthritis is another disease (among the rest) signaling you’re vitamin D deficient, the substance playing a crucial role in managing musculoskeletal pain. A link between chronic pain and vitamin D shortage has long been found out.

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