Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

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Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

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Now it’s really sexy to wear glasses, even if you your vision is sharp and you don’t need it. This season, there was a huge increase in women who buys frames without any need, just a fashion accessory. But you need to know what kind of makeup to pair your new style.

If you like those Bright Colors, Keep your eyes and your skin glowing and shiny, try to balance your frame color with equally vibrant lips. Your eye shadow need to be in a sparkling neutral shade like beige or light brown, then add mascara and a light touch of peach or pink blush (for blondes) or berry blush (for brunette). Finish with a bold lip color like mandarin, fuchsia, or scarlet red.

I think it’s really fun to match your eye shadow color to your frames, but if you don’t feel like doing it, try to complete your frame’s color with your makeup. If your frames have light color, use light eye shadow color or a light lipstick, you’ll look really great. If you like the thick beautiful frames which consider now the trendiest and the most common; trail your upper lashes with a thick line using black or brown eyeliner. The same thing with thin frames! If you like thinner frames, it’s cool to thin out that eyeliner and go with light lines!

Glasses will make anybody have an attention to your eyes so it’s important to take care of your brows. If you don’t like filling in your brows, a brown or dark grey eye shadow applied through the middle of the brow can give you a very good looking and I think it’s so much easier than pencils. You can also use a clear brow gel to keep the shape of your brows and make it to look sexy all day.

Wearing glasses makes your eye area becomes even more notable. Take care to use a good concealer around your eyes; it will make your eyes look more beautiful and catchy. Also try to use a little bit of sparkle highlighter on the area under your eyes, it will completely fresh your look.

It doesn’t matter whether you use mascara or not, but it’s really important to use an eyelash curler, curling your lashes will make your eyes more beautiful and look amazing. Just because you wear eyeglasses, doesn’t mean that you can’t get the smoky eyes! Just double the liner to make sure that it shows up and you’ll see how beautiful your eyes look.

Weather your wear eyeglasses or not, you should never forget your blusher, if you need to look sexy and pretty, it’s all about blushers!

The important thing we should talk about is that some glasses will make your eyes appear bigger and some smaller and that’s depending on your prescription. You will need to be aware and put your makeup to match your look as well.

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