Eat Right to Achieve Healthy Weight Loss

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Eat Right to Achieve Healthy Weight Loss

weight loss 2Today one of the most important thing that most of the people neglecting is the fact that one can easily lose their weight by the help of a proper diet or by eating the right type of things. You must not determine how much you should eat but you must know what you should eat to lose significant amount of weight.  It has been recommended by most of the health experts that eating a healthy and a balanced diet play a vital role in the reduction of extra weight from your body.  An ideal diet perfect for weight loss should have 45% to 65% carbohydrates, 1o% to 35% proteins and more than 30% fat in it.  Following given are the ways by which you can eat the right type of food and still lose adequate amount of weight.

Carbohydrates upon breaking down in our body changes into the form of glucose and glucose are the sugar that is the chief source of all the energy required to perform several tasks in our body.  Carbohydrates are able to derive up to 40% to 60% of your body calories.  But as almost every food has carbohydrates present in them therefore you must chose smartly what to eat to maintain the amount of sugar in your body.  Fruits, vegetables, legume and whole grains are the foods that are rich in carbohydrates and for significant weight loss results things like colas, drinks, candies and cookies must be avoided because they have no nutrition present in them at all.

Proteins play an important role in carrying out all the functions of the body as well because they are the only one that assists our hormonal and immune system to function accordingly and properly.  Generally they are also considered as the building blocks of most of the tissues that are present in our body for example skin muscles and other internal organs of the body. For effective weight loss you must look for the foods that have high amount of protein in them like eggs, nuts, cheese, poultry and red meat etc.

Your body also requires more than 30% of fat but there are various types of it as well. Foods like butter, cream and dairy products come in the category of saturated fat which should never be consumed because they are highly dangerous for the body and may accumulate in arteries and case various health related diseases.

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