10 Foods to help deal with stress

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10 Foods to help deal with stress

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10 Foods To Help You Deal With Holiday Stress

Eating healthy food while reducing stress levels seems like a great idea. This is especially a good thing to do during the holidays, considering we have to deal with even more stress. And the first thing you want to do is to avoid stress because it can cause heart disease, high blood pressure and can cause weight gain.

Your best bet is to choose healthy foods and make sure you eat them before, during and after the holidays. Here’s our suggestion of 10 foods to help you deal with stress.

Blood Oranges

This is a fantastic choice during the winter because blood oranges are rich in vitamin C and are in season. They will certainly lower your stress and diminish the chance for drama since your stress hormone concentration will be low, as well as your blood pressure.


Oatmeal is full of finer and healthy carbohydrates, exactly what your brain needs to increase serotonin production and reduce your stress level.

Chamomile Tea

Stress goes away if you drink chamomile tea regularly. Your anxiety will be reduced and your body will have the chance to rest properly since chamomile tea promotes sleep.


Besides completely eliminating hunger, turkey will help you feel calm and even drowsy. Why? Tryptophan concentrations in turkey will be broken down and eventually form serotonin.


There are a lot of vitamins B and vitamin E in almonds, which is great news when you take into account that these vitamins are important for the immune system and influence our mood. You will also get magnesium by eating almonds and magnesium will reduce fatigue and headache.

Grass-Fed Beef

Grain-fed cows can’t compare to grass-fed cows because the latter has fewer omega-6 acids and more omega-3 acids. Besides this, there is a lot of creating in grass-fed beef which can lift depression. Perfect holiday meal, some would say.

Sweet Potatoes

These contain many mood enhancers like magnesium, B6 and antioxidant lycopene. Their colorless cousins do not have any of these mood enhancers so you should choose sweet potatoes when you are making French Fries or mashed potatoes for yourself and your family.


You benefit from all omega-3 acids, however EPA and DHA are the best there is. Salmon contains a lot of these acids and they will help your body sustain good endorphin levels, support brain functions and keep your mood positive.


This is a fantastic choice for a comfort food because lentils are filling, healthy and convenient for winter. They also contain folate – it helps in dopamine and serotonin production, making us feel better.


The biggest benefit of oysters is that they contain a lot of zinc, sometimes even seven times more than the other food you will find on the table. And why is zinc important? Anxiety and depression can be caused by zinc deficiency. In case you are not into oysters or seafood in general, you can use supplements. Poultry and beef also contain a lot of zinc, so use them as replacement. And if you want to start your day with a zinc-rich meal, use whole grains.

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