Best Slimming Exercises At Home


Eight Best Slimming Exercises You Can Do At Your Home

Exercise28 best slimming exercise at home tips, you can do it at home. When we think about exercising our first idea is to point us to a gym. There is no doubt that it is the right place to train or, Easy to do but very effective exercises for weight loss.

When we think about exercising our first idea is to point us to a gym. There is no doubt that it is the right place to train or, at least, we will have more facilities. But it’s not, by far, the one only. The gym has obvious limitations: not everyone has one nearby, they need to adjust to their schedules and, more importantly, it costs money that many cannot afford.

Training at home is the most economical and comfortable option to be in shape but requires great discipline. It is difficult to train next to the armchair and the TV; we will have to have a strong will to carry out the necessary training, but if we can establish a routine, training at home will take away a little time and hardly money. In addition, everything we learn to do we can carry it out anywhere, whether in a hotel on vacation or in the park opposite.

What Do I Need?

To train at home does not need much; enough space is enough to not carry a lamp in front: any room in which we lie and where we can stretch our legs. To be comfortable enough with a mat and, of course, a dress suitable for exercise. The rest of the equipment is optional.

To stay in shape, it is necessary to practice aerobic exercise, which will give us more problems at home. We can run statically, without advancing, alternating elevation of knees to the chest and heels towards the glutes. Another option is to buy a static bicycle, the most accessible and useful machine to have at home. And we always have the option to go running.

Aerobic exercise should be finished before and after muscle toning exercises. These are simpler to perform at home. At best, and if we are serious about this exercise at home, we can buy dumbbells, with which we can work for all muscle groups.

How Long Should I Train?

Consistency is decisive for any training, but if we do it at home temptations are greater. To realize good results we must train at least three times in one week, for an approximate time of one hour.

How Should I Train?

Before starting the exercise routine it is necessary to run or ride a bike for 10 minutes. After this, you can imitate the following table of exercises. To make them correctly, the easiest is to watch videos on the Internet. In Youtube, you can find hundreds of explanatory videos for each of the exercises. These are the most fundamental, but over time you can incorporate many others. Between exercises you should not rest more than two minutes.

Following exercise is the best slimming exercise at home:

Band squats body lastics

Stand with your feet in a straight line to your shoulders, start lowering your hip as if you were to sit on a chair. When bending the knees, the thighs should be parallel to the ground. Over time you can do the exercise holding a weight with the arms in front of the chest.

Push ups exercise

Support hands shoulder width apart and aligned with shoulders. At this moment lower and raise your chest keeping your legs straight. In spite of being an exercise, we have all practiced in school is harder than it seems. If you are starting with the training you can “cheat” by supporting your knees, but try to do the complete pushups as soon as you start to improve.

Strings exercise

Strides are one of the complete exercises and are present in all training routines. Hold a semi-squat position with your hands on your hip, and alternate between one and the other leg. The forward leg should never exceed the 90-degree angle and the heel of the shifted leg should not peel off the floor. After some time you can do this exercise by holding a dumbbell in each hand.

The back is perhaps the most complicated part of the body to train at home. The ideal is to have a bar in a door with which to be able to do dominates

women’s triceps exercise

For this exercise, you need the help of a chair or a bench. You must place your hands on it and move your feet to lower your hip by flexing your elbows. Exercise can also be done by placing your feet on another bench or chair, so you exercise your triceps better, but do it only when you are ready, because if you fall you can take a good scare.

Lateral arm lift

Stay straight and lift both arms with weight in each hand. If you do not have a dumbbell, just a few bottles, some bags or any other weight.

Dominated or rowing exercise

The back is perhaps the most difficult part of the body to train at home. The ideal is to have a bar in a door with which to be able to do dominated, complete exercises to train the back. If you do not have a bar, or you can not install it at home, you can do rowing exercises. For this, it is best to use a bench or chair, support one knee and with the other arm do push-ups lifting a weight. This is the easiest rowing exercise, but there are many others that you can learn over time.

Abs exercise

Although we have all learned to train the abs in the traditional way, it is now known that the best way to exercise these is to do the bicycle. Lie on the floor on your back, place your hands behind your head, raise your knees and imitate the pedaling of a bicycle. Touch the left knee with the right elbow, then the right with the left elbow.

Stretching exercise

After completing the exercises, which you can perform in any order, it is advisable to incorporate another batch of aerobic exercise, essential if you want to lose weight, as it is the most effective type of exercise to burn fat. After this do not forget to stretch. You will end up more relaxed and abstain injuries.

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