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Sugar Free 2Do you know that excess sugar intake causes number of health conditions like heart ailments and obesity etc? Refined sugars are also called as fast-digesting carbohydrates which get converted quickly into fat whereas complex carbohydrates digest slowly and provides you good amount of energy. Thus it is indeed important for you to limit your intake of sugar in your daily diet. Explore the article written below that effective sugar free diet plan for good health.

Include meat and dairy products:

All those who want to reduce amount of sugar in your diet should include meat in their diet. This is because meat has no refined sugar and provides you essential amino acids as well as vitamins for good health.

Some excellent sources of sugar free animal protein are turkey, chicken breast, fish and lean beef. Dairy products are also sugar-free and best for all those suffering from diabetes. It is recommended to use only unflavored dairy products as they are sugar-free.

Best dairy products that can be included in diet are cottage cheese, yogurt and milk.

Include legumes:

All those who are on sugar-free diet should include legumes in their regular diet. Legumes contain very less or almost negligible amounts of refined sugar. Legumes contains high amount of complex carbohydrates and fibre which help in regulating blood sugar levels in body. It also promotes smooth digestion.

You can include sugar-free legumes are kidney beans, black-eyed peas, sugar, chickpeas, pinto beans and lima beans in your diet.

Include vegetables:

Vegetables are great source of sugar-free diet which lowers down high blood sugar level in body. They contain good amount of fibre and high amount of complex carbohydrates as they are beneficial for health. One should cook vegetables in home only and avoid purchasing packaged food products from market as they are rich in added sugars. The various vegetables which are sugar-free and should be included in diet are onion, collard greens, yam, spinach, tomato, kale, broccoli and yam. You should include high amounts of vegetables in your routine life as they contain good amount of water and fibre.

Include fruits and whole grains:

Fruits are best food items which lower down high blood sugar in body as they are deprived of any added sugar. Fruits rich in complex carbohydrates digest slowly and are great for those suffering from diabetes ailment. The names of fruits which are sugar-free in nature are mango, kiwi, blueberries, apricots, grapes, banana, raspberries and strawberries.

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